Thursday, December 18, 2008

“The Romanian dream in its very raw shape”

For Vlad Nancă the House of the People in Bucharest, Ceauşescu’s former palace, is a building that represents the trauma of an entire population. So he, a child of the 1989 Central Eastern European revolutions, proposed to add some cupolas and crosses to it in order to turn it into the cathedral of national redemption a lot of people apparently crave for in contemporary Romania.

Vlad would have liked to see the feeling grow that the palace, which was build on the blood and tears of so many of his compatriots, is symbolically given back to the people. Albeit decisions were taken in a different way, Vlad never tires to think about and voice new cultural expression in public space. Find out about his art, which he creates in recurrent personal trips to the past.

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