Thursday, November 20, 2008

OVERcoming DICTatorships in Cracow

24 November at 12:00

Gallery U Frycza
Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University College (KSW),
ul. Gustawa Herlinga-Grudzińskiego 1, Building B
PL-30-705 Cracow

24 Nov - 14 Dec 2008
Weekdays 8am -9 pm, weekends 8am-8pm
Admission free.
Information on previous exhibitions.

After having presented a selection of its literary and artist approaches to the heritage of totalitarian dictatorships already in November 2007 Overcoming Dictatorships now returns with its exhibition to Cracow. This is not the only representation of the project's artists in Poland: Sándor Pinczehelyi (Pécs) took part in Mediations Biennale 2008, the first international bi-annual contemporary art exhibition in Poznań.

It seems a happy coincidence that the patron of our Polish partner university - Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski (1503-1572), a Polish gentryman and theologian of reformatory and ecumenical orientations - also took part in the Council of Trent, where our project was hosted in May 2008 (see the report). Founded in 2000, KSW offers its students an interdisciplinary approach of economics, languages and culture based on diverse international cooperation in order to prepare them for the modern challenges posed by the processes of globalisation.

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