Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is there anybody?

Dears friends artists, I'm interesting to know what you think about the possibility to publicize the exhibition on the art reviews in every country where it will move.
My opinion is that is fundamental to connect our project and our work with a society and to inform the art system of existence of "Overcoming Dictatorships".
Outside of the project nobody knows something about what we are doing .
I know that the organizings, Gert and Jutta, will inform the partners of each country about the need to look for relationships with locals art publishers to have space in her magazines o reviews, but is important that each of us contribute pressing the respective University to spend some money for the advertising.

Thank for your attention, I trust you.
Silvestro Lodi

Saturday, January 19, 2008

About the Birmingham Exhibition

I'd like to know if the final dates of exhibition are established by the curators and if the problems connected with the advertising of event (all events) have been overcome.

I suggest to the friends curators, poets, writers, don't forget the primary significance of communication to the art system: art journalists, museums directors, editing of europeans art magazines, all art reviews of the countries where the exhibition will be done.

I hope the organizings consider the possibility to buy advertising form into the art magazine for the occasion of every opening. This is the only possibility that we have for assure us a visibility outside of project who is till now completely closed to the society.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Exhibition catalogue to download

This is the catalogue of an exhibition that I curated and took place at Galeria Noua in Bucharest for 4 days in November 2007.

Because the show only lasted for three days and many people didn't have the chance to see it, now there is a pdf catalogue.

Catalogue design: Dragos Platon

Download here.

Back to the future / Cu spatele la viitor

7.11 – 10.11 2007, Galeria Noua

Anca Benera
Daniel Gontz
Cezar Lazarescu
Vlad Nanca
Mircea Nicolae
Dragos Platon
Tudor Prisacariu
Sonokolor (Ciprian Dicu si Sergiu Doroftei)

The exhibition brings together young artists whose works investigate the Romanian social and cultural context from a historical perspective. The title of the exhibition, same as the 1980’s SF film (and its literal and somewhat ironic translation in Romanian), is synthesizing the spirit of the show – an exploration of the present, keeping in mind the recent history of Romania and thus proposing a cautious approach to future.

Curator: Vlad Nanca

The exhibition was supported by the Swiss Cultural Program in Romania